The Little HR Lie That Increases Productivity

This article is a bit misleading and Succeed would never support ‘telling lies’ but this is about setting goals and stretching employees through the power of coaching. The article uses the example of “Ba to ‘BALLLLLLLL”. Try the same with your employees and your nose won’t grow any longer. Make your staff believe they are doing a slightly better job than they are and you will see them sail above your expectations.

Antenatal rights for fathers begin 1 October 2014: are you ready? - Personnel Today

Succeed is closely monitoring legislation changes to better support its client’s. October 1st 2014 marked the day fathers gained antenatal rights. The rights for fathers and partners to take time off work to accompany a pregnant woman to see a midwife or obstetrician. First in history! And it is certainly important for HR, Payroll and Absence applications as it has a significant impact on Absence and Pay processing.

The Best HR Departments Don’t Just Focus on People

“Talent” is a buzzword that we at Succeed have heard a lot about in the industry. Yet what should be the focus of this “talent”? Wayne Brockbank of the University of Michigan uses Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nation to argue that HR should put talent and organisation together in order to achieve a central contribution, as opposed to putting too much emphasis on individual talent. Do you agree?

Critics of Ulrich Model Ignore New Progress, says Dave Ulrich

This is an interesting article we came across in response to a recent paper written by Allan Boroughs of Orion Partners (, which analysed the effectiveness of the Ulrich model in the modern age and the lessons gained from companies that have implemented it. Succeed knows Allan and Orion Partners well, and we like their work in HR strategy. In fact, we are co-presenting with Allan at an upcoming Retail and Manufacturing HR Event, sponsored by Oracle. Contact us if you would like to know more. This article seems to want to suggest that Ulrich disagrees with Allan’s paper - but it’s clear that Ulrich agrees with the main theme: One size cannot fit all and implementations will always need to be tailored to ensure maximum benefit to the organisation. This is certainly our experience too. Best practice and template driven system implementations are useful starting points, but true success can only come from adapting solutions to the nuances of your organisation.

Does HR Need A More Artful Approach?

Succeed brings best practices to the industry, and we do not believe in systems for systems sake. Over the last decade, there has been strong focus on automation and analytics in HR, squeezing the relationships and meaning to the side. Instead, systems should be seeking how to complement the art of HR with science, and give HR the information to ‘do the art better’.