9 Habits That Lead to Terrible Decisions

Decisions are inevitable in life, never mind business. In this article, the decisions and feedback of 50,000 leaders were analysed to identify what constitutes good and bad decisions. From this, 9 common routes to poor judgement were recognised. We at Succeed try to make the decisions that are the most beneficial for us and our clients. And we’ll certainly keep in mind these pitfalls to help us become better decision makers!


Why HR Needs To Think Like The CMO

"HR need to become data ninjas." Aaron Green, the VP of Oracle Human Capital Management, argues that in order to grow, HR needs to start emulating marketing practitioners and use data to define strategies and how to execute them. He admits that in terms of data analysis readiness, HR is only in the "crawl" phase of the “crawl, walk, run” analogy. So there’s still a way to go yet before they become the data ninjas, but companies like PwC and KPMG are already on-board! Are you?


The Secret to Dealing With Difficult People: It's About You

Have you ever felt frustrated and helpless when dealing with someone difficult? Well, here’s a powerful truth for you: you can’t change them directly, only yourself and how you react in these situations. 3 different perspective tricks are explored in this article to help - have a read and put them in your toolkit for the next time you’re dealing with that difficult someone!


Functional Overview of the new PeopleSoft Fluid User Experience

Oracle takes us through the new PeopleSoft Home Page as part of the Fluid User Experience (UX) here. The main aim of the Fluid UX is to enable users to access PeopleSoft via different ways (phones, tablets, etc.). Oracle likens the Fluid Home Pages to dashboards which are more responsive towards UI. Thoughts? Well, the graphics are a lot more modern and in line with the icons and apps on smart devices. Everything seems to be designed with finger-jabbing navigation in-mind, and there are some other interesting features like the Notification widget sprinkled in.


UK Oracle User Group (UKOUG) Partner of the Year Awards


Help us win Gold in the upcoming UK Oracle User Group Partner of the Year Awards by voting for us

We’ve been nominated for 4 awards this year and we need your votes to help us win Gold. Show your support by voting for us in the following categories:

- PeopleSoft Partner of the Year
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- Small Businesses/General Business Partner of the Year
- Emerging (New Products) Partner of the Year.

Voting closes on Monday 15th September, so there is less than a week to go!


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Forrester's Top Trends For CRM In 2014

There are many obvious trends in this list, and a few less so. With ever increasing customer demands - be it as part of the marketing process, sales cycle or after sales service - it is critical that organisations take the time and effort to review their processes and systems in these key functions. As products and services become ever more commoditised, the ability to delight a customer at any given interaction point becomes a source of increasing competitive advantage.


Tesco’s Clubcard creators to transform back office with Oracle cloud
Great to see Tesco, one of Succeed’s long term clients, moving to the Oracle Cloud. dunnhumby, of the Tesco Clubcard success, is implementing a whole host of Oracle Cloud products - think Marketing, ERP, HCM, Business Intelligence and more! Whilst it’s possible to buy the Oracle Fusion products as a mixture of on-premise and cloud-based apps, dunnhumby has opted exclusively for the cloud apps in order to “leave the work of managing Oracle servers and upgrading apps ‘to the experts’”. That’s definitely one advantage of the Oracle Fusion cloud service.  All the best to their March 2015 go-live!
Twenty Invaluable Tweets on Leadership

This is a bit of light-hearted reading for a Friday. Some top leaders sharing (via tweet) what they think it means to be a great leader such as ‘Your title makes you a manager, your people will decide if you’re a leader - @IntuitBrad’


Rita Trehan Brings her Hard-Hitting Business Transformation Message Back to the UK

Rita Trehan is a business transformation expert and former global HR leader at Honeywell and AES Corp. Rita’s key message is that if you want to increase the influence of HR, you need to immerse yourself in the business and understand where the greatest value can be gained from your HR investment. The key to this will be to ensure you have efficient processes and reduced administration tasks to let you focus on this …..Don’t focus on being Compliance Officers or the Process Police.