Does HR Need A More Artful Approach?

Succeed brings best practices to the industry, and we do not believe in systems for systems sake. Over the last decade, there has been strong focus on automation and analytics in HR, squeezing the relationships and meaning to the side. Instead, systems should be seeking how to complement the art of HR with science, and give HR the information to ‘do the art better’.

Recruiting staff: how to find the right person for the job

Surveys show increase in recruitment activity - we are expecting to see the same things. Mutual fit is so important because the cost of recruit and labour turnover can soon add up and poor hires can damage productivity and credibility. In our experience of implementing recruiting systems we’ve long been in favour of first truly understanding what makes a good hire and how do you best predict future performance - only then can you ensure you get the right ROI from your technology.

M&S Tanith Dodge: 10 tips on how to innovate

Innovation is important for business growth. In this article, M&S’s HR Director Tanith Dodge shares her top ten tips on how to achieve this, with examples from M&S (“Change Your Environment” by opening a new M&S creative space at British School of Fashion – yes please!). Have a read through these simple, yet effective, ideas and see how you can encourage more innovation in your business! Succeed is certainly taking notes.

End of an Era: Larry Ellison Steps Down as Oracle's CEO

Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison has announced that he is stepping down as CEO of Oracle, the largest database software company and one of the largest business software makers in the world. This declaration was made on Thursday 18th Sept 2014 and the press release states that Ellison will remain with Oracle as chairman of the board and take on the mantle of CTO. What will this bring for Fusion, Peoplesoft and the like, Succeed waits with baited breath!

The Cold, Hard Facts About Paper Processes

How often do you hit that ‘Print’ button on your computer? Are you contributing significantly to the 15% of company annual revenue spending on paper document related processes? Well, it may be time to curb back and help your organisation to stop wasting money, time and resources. Succeed has helped many clients to minimise on paper waste through system tools like dashboard reporting. So read on for more incentives on why you should reduce paper usage, and how to get started!